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Zalvaje Outdoors is the first true Filipino eye wear brand and manufacturer of sports and fashion sunglasses, eyewear distributed nationwide and globally. We have 20 authorized nationwide stores and continue to expand since our first launch in 2011. Our product research and development powered us to produce more outdoor products for our local and foreign athletes.

With the birth of Solaristudio film, music and events production, we're able to promote our products and services with our organized events. Upcoming film projects that will further boost our presence in the market and reach more people through our entertainment platform. We're visible in -stores and online to provide products and services in high standards.

We're not only providing quality outdoor apparels, we also have social responsibility for our customers. That's why after series of weather disasters for the past years, we managed to create ZE Tramping Group. The facilitators of Outdoor Survival 101 training with the base camp at Rodriguez Rizal. This training is being scheduled from December to January, twice a month.

Expect more product innovations this year onwards as our team keeps on growing and our corporate partners growing in numbers. We're always open for business collaborations to improve the Philippine economy and work together with small companies like us.

Keep in mind that we need to PREPARE ourselves, PROTECT our eyes from the sun, and PERFORM our duties and responsibilities with accuracy and high precision.